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We're Here For You!!

Okay, here's where we get corny, but you came here because you wanted to know about us, right?


Well, Laugh Out Loud Stations MEGA Fun Center in Beltway Plaza Mall is a project of LOL Enterprises LLC, a small family business with just this one MASSIVE venue now open!
The management team has over 50 combined years of experience in the "FUN" business and believes that there is nothing more important than ensuring that you, your family, and friends have a fantastic time at Laugh Out Stations!
​Truly, we are happiest when you are!!  We really do spend a lot of time talking about how we can make your every visit enjoyable!! 

To ensure your satisfaction, we did 3 things right from the start!

1.  We assembled CRAZY FUN Rides and AMAZING Attractions all in one place to develop LOL Stations as the Best Indoor Theme Park and Birthday Party Place in the Washington metropolitan area ... where the entire family can play together!!  Yes, LaserTag, Roller Skating, Xtreme Trampoline, Challenge Courses, 4-Level Playground, Carnival Rides, and much more!!

2.  We hand-picked a helpful and courteous staff that will bend backwards to make sure that your play and birthday parties are the best possible and also safe while maintaining a clean and sanitary facility!

3.  We also kept prices affordable by offering discount rates when you use the "code words"!  Schools, daycare centers, camps, leagues, and churches also get special rock bottom pricing for large group visits.

This is how we earn your trust as well as show our gratitude for your visit.  We love to see happy smiling guests, not just giggling, but...laughing out loud! 

And we really jump for joy each time we hear, "I love this place.  I want to come again!!"​

Come play, eat, and party at LOL Stations! See you soon!
Investor Information


Business Opportunity
Want to own your own Laugh Out Loud Stations?  We're okay with this.  We'll help you be successful, just like us.  But of course, we have to get our cut!   Don't worry, you'll still be loaded and ... laughing all the way to the bank.
Media People...
      ...Look Here!
We have a lot to show and talk about at Laugh Out Loud Stations.  We are photogenic (somewhere between hideous and ugly...but far from grotesque).  We speak the Kings English and ... let's cut to the chase ... we want free publicity.  So call us please!  We'll throw in a free slice of pizza and Pepsi.


Sponsorship Opportunity
Yes, we know there are those that want to ride on the coat-tails of our "eminent" success.  The truth is, we're looking for firms with big money and clout that want to wine and dine and woo us! We'll make you look good to our visitors. 
Okay, honestly, we don't have any sponsors yet, so we'll consider anything at this point!


For any of the above opportunities, email
or call 301/885-2888
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