Laser Tag, Trampoline, Rides, & Attractions

Laser Tag
Your heart pounds with excitement as you enter the blacklight maze! Hunt through the themed arena! Strategically capture other players and their base while avoiding being tagged!!!  Arena does consist of darker corners.  Caution for groups with younger players.
Trampoline Dodge Ball
Bounce House.jpg
Minimum height 40"
Himalaya Mini-Coaster
Spinning 45 miles an hour is what dreams are made of.
Hold on tight!!! 
Minimum height 40"
This the most creative inflatable obstacle course on the planet. Two participants race up and over the first hill, then they run through many challenging obstacles on the 180 degree turn, then up and over the second hill to end the race. This ride is a scream!
Minimum height 42"
Warriors Challenge Course
Bumper Cars
Figuring out how to drive a Bumper Car is half the battle!  
Bumping before getting bumped is the other half!!  
Either way, it's always fun! Fun for the entire family 
Minimum height 40"
Stomp & Play
Make every step count.  Complete each simulated mission solo, in a group, or break up into 2 teams.  Use hands and feet to complete each mission.
The newest in interactive play.  
Land of Laugh A Lot Arena
Toddler World
4D Maze

2 separate but humongous stations.

Kids love to  bounce, slide, and climb. This padded structure was created for safe play and  exploration.

Ages 3 & Under
Maximum height 39"
Must Wear Socks!
Ages 4-14
Minimum height 40"
Must Wear Socks!
The Spinning Tops
Shrills of laughter erupt on every Spinning Tops ride!! Each car spins independently...first slow... and if you dare...faster and faster. Perfect for all spin levels, slow or fast.  It's a must ride!!!
Fun for All Ages
20160827_155305 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Swinging Stars
A ride just for toddlers.
Our little superstars swing around and around.
Ages 3&under

Laugh Out Loud Stations has the right to refuse customer admittance to any ride or attraction an attendant assesses as unsafe for the individual as well as those around; due to age, height, weight, and/or behavior.