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Party FAQs

Reserved Party Area Seating
The Typical Party
Booking & Reservations
Billing & Payment
Parents/Planners Responsibilities
As we enter cooler weather, call volume increases dramatically. Please read the FAQs for basic party information AND to guarantee your preferred slot, to reserve online early.
For already reserved parties : Email questions & requests to for the fastest response.  LOL Stations Reps will email updated invoice and/or call.
Interested customers : Read below first before calling. Many of your questions will be answered below.
RESERVE ONLINE NOW to build a quote and consider all available options in customizing your party. You have the ability to add and remove from the shopping cart to create a package within your budget. 

Place a 50% deposit to hold your selected day & time. The deposit is deducted from the total cost and the remaining balance is due the day of the party during check-in. At check-in, you will be required to present the credit card and ID used to reserve your party online. 
From now until your scheduled "CONFIRMATION DEADLINE," add or remove anything that affects your table size, table set-up, & balloon arrangements.  The day of your party, you may still add on more players/non-players, food, drinks.
Soon after reserving online, you will receive another email confirming your order and you can request a call back or ask questions and get answers via email. Questions sent via email receive more rapid responses.  
CONFIRMATION DEADLINE:  3 days before your party, you will be able to FINALIZE the colors for your table setup & the table size by just sending us an email. Table size is determined by the #of players reserved by the deadline. More players may be added the day of the event; however table size and number of tables will not change. The #of CONFIRMED non-players/adults will be allowed entry into your party. Once your non-player/adult count has exceeded, each non-player requesting to be admitted to your party will be charge a $2 fee/person.
PARTY Frequently Asked Questions:
Party tables are reserved for 2 hours and includes table set-up. Choose 1 color for your table cover, plates, & napkins (example: red table cover, white plates, red napkins).  We do not provide themed paper products. You may still bring in your own themed party goods, however, there will be no credit provided and you will have to set your own table when you arrive. Generic cups & utensils also included.  Table size is based on #of players CONFIRMED no later than 3 days before the party.  Each table includes bench seating on both sides and accommodates up to 10 players per table:
11-20 CONFIRMED Players = 2 Tables
21-30 CONFIRMED Players = 3 Tables; and so on
8 Adult Non-players are included with base party pack.
Add on more adult non-players; additional $2/non-player guarantees entry & seating if reserved by confirmation deadline date.  Guests may pay their own entry fee the day of the party but seating is not guaranteed. 
There are NO PRIVATE PARTY ROOMS.  Multiple parties are scheduled and occur simultaneously.  Should you be interested in adding more time or extra tables to your reservation, requests must be placed no later than 3 days before to guarantee accommodation.  No guarantees day of event.
$35.00 Cleaning/Reset Penalty:  Party Parent/Host must be responsible for their guests' seating. When your guests arrive, be clear that they can only sit at your assigned tables. Please do not have or allow your guests to sit at other party tables or place food or any items on tables that are not reserved for your party. Party parent/host will be warned once, but afterwards a $35 cleaning penalty will be automatically assessed to the credit card on file.  To ensure the neatness, cleanliness, and fairness for each party, please act responsibly and do not encroach on your neighbors party.
Special Note:  Feel free to add an extra table ($50).  If your party remains at the table past your scheduled time, your credit card will be automatically charged $75 for the additional time.  So, please begin the process of vacating your table at least 15 minutes prior.
Check-In:  Party parents please arrive AT LEAST 45 minutes before the scheduled start of the party to have ample time to speak with the Party Specialist, review the details, and make final revisions to your package.  The day of the event, you may still add-on (players, food, and beverages).  At this time, full payment for the invoice balance is required and you must present the credit card and ID used to reserve your party online.  After payment, you will be given wristbands and socks to distribute to your players & guests and delivery time for your meal will be established.
Please tell your guests to arrive 30 mins before your reservation start time to ensure a successful party. For example, party is scheduled for 3pm, however, the invitation should say that the party starts at 2:30pm. Your Confirmed Players & Non/Players, as well as any additional guests you want to add, should plan to also arrive early. During this period, they will complete the online release waivers, receive rules, & put on wristbands. 
For Speedy Check-In, Parties of 20+ players, & Parties bringing their own table setup:
Come AT LEAST 45 minutes early for check-in. Stress to your guests to complete the release waiver online before arriving. An online link is attached to the online invitations we provide once you reserve.  Or direct them to our website to "COMPLETE ONLINE WAIVER NOW" at This will help limit your wait time as your 2-hour table reservation will not be extended. It will also help you make better decisions regarding additional play & food orders closer to the start of the party. Last minute food order can be made through the online portal (on your phone) and picked up at the concession counter, but will not guarantee more table time. Please plan accordingly.
For Parties that Arrive Late: We understand things do not always go as planned. We will do our best to maximize remaining time by expediting your food order & cleaning up the table for cake. However, many times we are unable to extend your party time. Remember after pizza & cake, your guests do have some extra time to play. 
After check-in: The party specialist shows you to the table. The table is decorated based on the requests you have outlined no later than 3 days before the party.  Your food & beverage order will be placed on your reserved table(s) according to the time you established, so notify your guests to return to the table at the scheduled time to ensure that they enjoy the food as it is being delivered.  Food that becomes cold can not be reheated or replaced. 
Special Note: Additional food preparation and delivery can take as much as 30 minutes, so do your best to plan in advance and place additional orders as soon as you realize you may need more food. Individual guest orders are also made through the online portal (using cell phones) and picked up at the concession counter the day of the event.  Again, placing additional orders will not extend your table reservation time.
End of Party:  Your party will be required to vacate the party table(s) by the end of the reserved time. Please instruct your guests to gather their belongings to give party staff time to reset for the next party or shutdown for the day. You and your guests cannot relocate to other eating areas, unless placing additional food orders after the party. 
Special Note: The cleanup crew will be at your table promptly at the end time of your party to reset for the next party.  If your party remains at the table past your scheduled time, your credit/debit card will be automatically charged $50 for the additional time and you will still be required to leave.  So, please begin the process for vacating your table at least 15 minutes prior.
How far in advance do I need to book a party? 
Parties are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to availability.  Saturdays are typically the busiest party day. To ensure that your party can take place on your preferred date and time during our peak season (October through April), please make your reservation at least 3 weeks prior.
Friday nights and Sundays before 4pm are less busy and make for great party days too!!! A deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your time and date and remember you will need to present the same card and ID for the card at check-in. If you have any questions and looking for a speedy response, please send an email to  Please note that emails requesting particular dates do not hold your date and time.  Prices and packages are subject to change without notice.
Is a deposit REQUIRED for a party?
Yes, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to make a reservation.  The remaining balance is due the day of the party during check-in.  Sorry, no party time is held without a deposit.  You will also be required to present the same credit card and matching ID the day of your party.
Is my child/guest of honor included in the base party count of players?  
Yes, the guest of honor needs to be included in the count.
Minimum Guests: All packages are for up to 10 players and there are no minimums, but the max is 1,100.
​Do I have to pay for adults or kids that are not playing? 
Including yourself, the first 8 non-playing adults receive free entry and seating.  Outside of the first 8 non-players, there is a $2 entrance fee.  You may add on to your reservation or guests can pay their own entry upon arrival.  Kids are allowed to enter for free if they are not playing. If added to your reservation seating is guaranteed.
After I book online what happens next?  First you will receive a receipt/confirmation via email that includes the details of your online order.  Check everything to make sure it's correct. If you have any questions, see a discrepancy, or have a request, reply back to your receipt or call to discuss the specifics.
A second email is also sent with more information regarding invitations, release waivers, and info about confirming the final table setup arrangements no later than 3 days before the event.

I want to Mix & Match Packages?  Can I submit that option online?

When booking your reservation, choose the party package that fits your guest of honor (usually the birthday child(ren) in most situations).  Multiple packages are not combined within one event.  However, you may purchase additional tickets for lasertag and skating.

REMEMBER:  You are scheduled to email LOL Stations 3 days before the party to update the changes AND even the day of the party you have a chance to switch or add-on play....So don't stress about choosing the right ones!  


But, please make sure you include a good contact number in your email, in case we need to speak to you.

Does the birthday party include invitations? Immediately after reserving your party, you will receive an email that can be sent to all your guests as an invitation!  Encourage guests to complete the online waiver BEFORE the party to ensure faster entry!  All players must complete an online waiver to enter.​  Also, click this link if you would like a hard copy invitation! 
How and when is the balance paid?  The deposit is paid at the time you reserve your party.  The remaining balance is paid the day of your party, as your confirming the details right before it begins. Be sure to arrive with the same credit card you used to reserve online and matching ID.  Your balance may be settled with Cash, Visa or MasterCard only. Sorry, no personal checks will be accepted.  Gratuities are NOT included in your total cost and can be provided directly to the party assistants as you please.
Confirmation of Party: When do I need to give a final guest count for my reservation?
You must confirm your event at least 3 days prior by calling the Confirmation Line (301-885-2888 ext 2). Leave a message indicating the date and time of your party, if you wish to include any of our delicious pizza or food platters (chicken wings, nachos, cheese, etc), indicate the items and quantity, and the number of players & non-players/adults you are expecting. Remember, when confirming, you are responsible for the number of guest for which you confirm.  Please be sure to state a number as close as possible to the number you are expecting.  It is easier to add a chair or two to the table then it would be to add an additional table.  We need to prepare in advance, therefore we need to be as accurate as possible.
When I call 3 days before to confirm my player & non-player count, can I decrease the day of the party?
No, you cannot decrease guests count the day of. Only increase. However you may still switch, upgradge, or mix & match play packs. Food & drink orders can be increaseed or decreased the day of.
What forms of payment do you take? Do you take checks? We accept Cash, Visa, and Mastercard. Checks are only accepted from organizations/companies reserving events. Personal checks are NOT accepted.
What is the Refund Policy? The $75 deposit and any other payments made towards the party are NON-REFUNDABLE.  You are able to credit your party to a different time and date available, if cancellation notice was provided by your set confirmation deadline.

Is there a cancellation fee?  No, there is no fee for canceling your party unless specified. 
Is there a rescheduling fee?  There is a $25 fee for parties rescheduling AFTER THE CONFIRMATION DEADLINE.
What is the Inclement Weather Policy?  All party deposits are non-refundable.  In case of inclement weather, please call us immediately and we will be glad to reschedule your party.
MORE FAQs (What I can/cannot bring & more)
Does Laugh Out Loud Stations supply the cake?  Bring your own cake, candles, lighter, and cake cutter.  
Ice cream cakes & other ice cream based or frozen products are prohibited.  If you forget the candles and cake cutter, you can still purchase them while on-site.
Can I bring in my own balloons?  No, Outside balloons are NOT allowed at LOL Stations. When reserving online, view our selection of mylar and latex balloons, you may request no later than 3 days before the party.  Balloons will be placed on the head of the table unless otherwise specified.  We can't guarantee balloons requested the day of the party.
What if I arrive late for my party? We will do our best to accommodate you and your party; however, our table times run on a strict schedule, so your party will still be required to end at the pre-scheduled time.  We suggest that you inform your guests that the party starts 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, to avoid late participants. We may be able to offer you an additional hour for $50, but this may not always be possible and is not guaranteed
Can I bring in my own food for the party?  Outside food and/or beverages are NOT allowed at LOL Stations.  You can add food and beverages from our menu to satisfy hungry and thirsty players and we recommend pizza, platters, and pitchers.  And for your adult guest, we have wing platters and pizzas you can purchase or refer them to our Fun Food Concession where we have Pizza, Party Wings (sweet chili, mild, and BBQ),  Jumbo Franks, Fries, Pretzels (plain or salty), Nacho Chips & Cheese, and more!
Do I need to bring anything with me? Just a cake, candles, lighter for the candles, and cake cutter.
Do you have goody bags? You are also permitted to bring your own goody bags, but they must be distributed as your guests are leaving and should not be opened while at LOL Stations.  LOL Stations does not supply goody bags.
Our goal is to make hosting a birthday party easy, so we've arranged the right age appropriate attractions and rides, included tables and setups, pizza and beverage, and the cleanup (you don't have to do it!)-- all in the package and offer platters, balloons, and tokens you can add-on to complement your party.
Party parents/planners are responsible for guests and should ensure that the LOL Stations rules are upheld, the most important being, no outside food or beverage including alcohol to be brought in or consumed on premise, no outside balloons, no foul or loud offensive language or gestures. etc.
Additionally, as other parties are occuring simultaneously or due to arrive, you will need to inform your guests to sit around "your" table and NOT to sit in chairs or tables preset and/or reserved for other parties.  Consider how you would feel to walk in and find others sitting at your table when you arrive!  
If we see a violation of any of the LOL Stations rules, so as not to offend your guests, the Party Specialist will bring it to your attention to address.  We have found that this works best towards positive outcomes.
And at the end of the party, it is your responsibility to direct your guests to move away from the party table and area to allow for speedy cleanup, setup, and arrival of next party family.
As always, feel free to let your Party Specialist know if you have any questions.
LOL Stations is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
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